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How to make kiwi refresher

Kiwi refresher is a very refreshing and yummy drink. It is made with kiwis, mint leaves and lemon juice. It has a cooling effect and will surely help you to beat the heat. This yummy drink has a sweet and tangy taste and apart from being tasty, It is digestive too. Kiwi is a very […]

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Aam Panna recipe

Aam panna is a refreshing drink renowned for its colling properties. It is made with raw or unripe mangoes and has a sweet and tangy taste. This yellowish green drink has a lot of health benefits. It is the most recommended drink during summer due to it’s cooling properties and apart from this it also […]

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How to make iced tea

To all the tea lovers out there, this refreshing Ice tea recipe is specially for you all. Ice tea is a refreshing drink usually preferred during summers which apart from being yummy is both digestive and has a cooling effect.



Holi famous recipe Thandai is very popular among Indians during the festive season. Thandai is a very famous drink which was originated during the vedic period. Thandai has a lot of health benefits