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Recipe for mango mojito

Mango mojito is a chilled and refreshing summer drink which has the goodness of mangoes and refreshness of mint and lemon. This yummy drink has become very famous these days and is popular amongst all. Who doesn’t loves Mojito and when clubbed with mangoes, the combination turns out to be heavenly. Mango mojito is named […]

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Recipe for dahi batata puri

Ingredients (serving- 6)For batata (puris)-Refined flour- 1 cupSemolina- 1/2 cupSalt- 1 teaspoonNigella seems 1 teaspoonRefined oil- 4 tablespoonWater- to knead the dough Batata/sev puri chaat: (serving -2) Boiled potatoes- 2 medium sizedTomatoes- 1/4 cup (finely chopped)Onions- 1/4 cup (finely chopped)Curd- 6 tablespoonTamarind chutney- 4 tablespoonGreen chutney- 2 tablespoonGreen chillies- 2 teaspoon (finely crushed)Coriander leaves- finely […]

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Almond cake recipe

This yummy cake is simply made by mixing oil, milk and sugar together until sugar dissolves. Then refined flour, baking soda and milk powder is added and mixed well until smooth.

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How to make rose lassi

Lassi belongs to the North Indian cuisine. It is a very famous beverage drink which was originated in the state of Punjab. This refreshing coolant recipe is loved by everyone and is served with lots of variations. One such variation of this recipe is Rose lassi. This rose lassi as the name suggest, is a […]

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Potato Smiley faces

Potato smileys are perfect snacking option among kids. This deep fried snack tastes best with cold drink and can be a perfect option to lighten up your evenings. Whether it’s a birthday party or a simple sunday snacking mood, this recipe turns out to be the show stopper in each case. This yummy recipe is […]

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Simple lychee refresher recipe

Ingredients Sprite/soda- 400 mlLitchi- 8 litchisSugar- 4 tablespoonLemon juice- 1 tablespoonRooh afza- 2 tablespoonMint leaves- 5 to 6 leavesLemon slices- 6 slices (finely chopped)Ice cubes- 6 cubes Step by step recipe with images: 1) Firstly take 8 litchis in a bowl. 2) Peel them properly. 3) Remove the seeds and keep them aside. 4) Now […]

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Homemade Mango Frooti recipe

Mango frooti is a very popular beverage made with raw and ripe mangoes. This recipe has a sweet and tangy taste making it a perfect option to beat the heat. Frooti is readily available in the market but this homemade recipe turns out to be more healthy and refreshing as no harmful preservatives are added […]