Homemade mango jam recipe

    1)Sugar: 1 cup                   

 2)food colour: 1 pinch           

3)  Raw mangoes - 1 cup    

(grated, nearly 2 mangoes)    



 Firstly take 2 to 3 unripe mangoes .Wash and peel them off properly

 Grate them evenly.

Now take a pan and add the grated mangoes in it.

Now add 1 cup of sugar in it. Stir well and cook it on low flame.

Keep stirring it until sugar dissolves.

Now add a pinch of food colour in it.

Stir well until the colour changes.

Cook for 5 to 8 minutes until it reaches one string consistency.

Once done transfer it to a bowl or jar.

Your yummy mango jam is ready to be served. Apply it on bread and enjoy!! It can stay fresh upto 3 months is stored properly.